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Zan’s Wildlife Diary: An otter in the Esk

Moving to Musselburgh and discovering the local wildlife inspired me to become a wildlife photographer. Since I came here, I have spent thousands of hours outdoors mastering photography and fieldcraft techniques, as well as trying to capture the best of what East Lothian has to offer. Although I love varying the subjects of my photographs…
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Zan’s Wildlife Diary: Port Seton’s rosy starling

DURING lockdown, I was trying to make the most of my free time – going on daily walks, working on my website, editing photos from before lockdown, designing my first book and completing A LOT of jigsaws (I am sure you will not be surprised that all of the jigsaws had something in common –…
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Zan’s Wildlife Diary: Studying a kingfisher

The day I first visited Musselburgh was not one to write home about. I came to town to see the house I had already agreed to move in to. Most people would organise a viewing before deciding to move in; however, since it was my fiancé’s childhood home, I had simply said YES! Our move-in…
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Zan’s Wildlife Diary: Watching robins in spring-time

My first column, written for the East Lothian Courier.