Zaneta (Zan) Threlfall is an award-winning Scottish wildlife photographer who was born in Poland.

Although Zan has always had an interest in photography, it was after moving to Scotland that she discovered a passion for wildlife and now spends every spare moment pursuing that endeavour. This has led her to volunteering for multiple wildlife charities as well as studying for an MSc in Wildlife, Biology and Conservation alongside her photography.

In a poetic twist, her first professional exhibition was held in Dunbar Town House, situated on the same street as the birthplace of John Muir. Indeed, a statue of the “Father of Conservation” is stood directly in front of the building where Zan displayed her work.

Alongside her popular exhibitions, Zan’s other achievements include being featured in national and international newspapers and magazines, and often being invited to deliver talks about her craft.

Zan hopes you enjoy perusing the images presented in her Portfolio and in the Gallery. Please don’t hesitate to get in Contact if you have any comments or queries.

Thanks for reading!