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Zan’s Wildlife Diary: A good time to see our magical ‘shorties’

THE days have been getting shorter and duller, and most of the trees have lost their leaves; a sign to get our down jackets ready for winter. Some migrant species have already returned to their winter grounds in East Lothian; however, I am still waiting in anticipation for one of my favourite birds that occasionally…
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Zan’s Wildlife Diary: Snapping our magnificent grey heron

A BEAUTIFUL and glowing autumn is already here. This time of the year is pretty special when it comes to taking atmospheric photographs: from colourful frames through misty mornings to captures of the golden light. Even a rainy day can bring opportunities for a powerful image! Last year, my main focus was placed on a…
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Zan’s Wildlife Diary: Returning geese are a great sight

AUTUMN is around the corner. The season may be evocative of shorter days and never-ending rain, but to me this is when the country transforms into living art: yellow, orange, and crimson blanket the parks and gardens as trees, displaying their first autumn tinting, begin shedding their leaves to decorate dull pavements with a colourful,…
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